Hand mowing competition: lots of fun!

We held our first ever hand mowing competition on Saturday (July 25) under skies that occasionally dripped, but not enough to spoil the enjoyment of the event. Mowing grass by hand with a scythe is mostly a forgotten art, with small exceptions. This event was one of them, and a dozen competitors showed varying degrees of expertise. A few were experts, others had done it on occasion, and then there were the beginners who possibly enjoyed it most of all.

As the instructor told us, “Forget about the blade and just focus on keeping the blade low to the ground while making a circle with the end of the scythe”. Participants were judged on speed, style, accuracy, width of cut, and length of remaining oat stalks.

Besides mowing a 25′ length of oats, some of the more intrepid also tried mowing around a wooden chair, set into the crop with an empty bottle on it, and on top of the bottle, a raw egg. Any shaking of the chair naturally disqualified further participation.

Participants ranged in age from twenty-one to eighty years, with both men and women competing.


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Not just old guys at horse pull!

The weather could not have been better at the June 4 horse pull, with sunny skies making this the perfect day for relaxing in a lawn chair with a hamburger and drink while watching the horses go. As for the horses, many teams were so keen to pull that teamsters had trouble hitching them on to the drag. What was especially noticeable this year was the number of younger men and boys taking part, suggesting that horse teams don’t just belong in the olden days. As the photos show, varying ages were represented.


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Horse pull coming up on July 4!

tan horses pulling

Northville Farm Heritage Centre

and its affiliate Western Nova Scotia Draft Horse Association

will present a

Horse pull

Saturday, July 4 (rain date July 11)

9 a.m. weigh-off

Pull starts at noon

The Cookhouse will be open all day

Admission by freewill donation

For more information, email: info@northvillefarm.ca

4-H Judging competitions held at NFHC

Kings County’s 4-H groups held their judging competitions at NFHC on the evening of June 8. Members were challenged to not only rank the items or animals they were judging, but to give their reasons for doing so. Projects ranged from photography to baking to goats to miniature horses, and many others in between. The NFHC grounds and buildings provided plenty of suitable space, with larger animals outdoors under sunny skies, while baking and photography were indoors in Heritage Hall. Sometimes the story is best told in photos: see below.


Good attendance at Tractor Pull

Perfect weather helped ensure good attendance at the 7th annual Antique Tractor Pull & Show on Sunday, June 7. Lineups could be seen at the Cookhouse – after all, what’s better than a hamburger on a  grilled bun when you’re having fun? Cars and pickups similarly overflowed our newly expanded parking lot and down the road. One tractor enthusiast even shipped three tractors to the event inside a tractor trailer. There’s clearly a lot of interest in antique tractors and what they can do.

Below are some of the photos taken by Ron Corkum and Anne Rogers. If you weren’t there, you’ll get some idea of how things went. Some show tractors straining to gain another few inches on the track. There’s part of the crowd near the tract, the track being levelled between pulls, the new sign out front of NFHC (yes, the posts still need painting!), and people checking out the antique tractors on display. There’s even a real pretty car from the olden days!


DSC00223blue tractor


So who knew that the Porsche company made tractors too? At least, they did in 1960. This beauty pictured below was featured on NFHC’s float at the Apple Blossom Festival a week ago. It will also be at the 7th Annual Antique Tractor Pull and Show tomorrow. The event is expected to run from ten a.m. until three or four in the afternoon. Come and see us! Admission $5 for those over twelve.

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Sunny and warm for Planting Day

Although attendance numbers were lower than usual for Planting Day on May 16, those who did come enjoyed sunny skies and warm temperatures. The men doing the plowing and harrowing seemed to be enjoying themselves out in the field, including a visitor from Ontario who took a turn with John’s team. It was a day made for kids, who amused themselves with the swing set, sandbox, and of course the ice cream. In fact, it was almost too warm for hot dogs and hamburgers, witness the lineups at the ice cream booth. Our volunteer scoopers had their hands full. Ron and friend kept their fiddles going on what was newly proclaimed as National Fiddling Day, adding a lively background to the activities.

Oats will be seeded in the newly worked land, to be harvested later this year at Harvest Festival.