Horse pull cancelled – for now

Thanks to bad weather due to a possible hurricane being forecast, the HORSE PULL SCHEDULED FOR THIS SATURDAY, JULY 5, HAS BEEN CANCELLED. It has been rescheduled for the following Saturday, July 12 (rain date July 13).

We at NFHC do our best to provide good events throughout the season, but we haven’t figured out any way to control the weather. Let’s hope the rather severe forecast is proven wrong!

Red Hatters visit Northville Farm Heritage Centre


It rained all day on June 26, but a group of Red Hatters came to tour Northville Farm Heritage Centre anyway. Tour guide Aart Veldhoven walked them through the buildings full of artifacts, after which other volunteers provided a tea party in Heritage Hall. A group of Billtown area quilters at work fitted in perfectly with the old tools displayed there. The photos above will prove that all had a good time.

And by the way, those quilters are usually there every Wednesday, when there is a work crew on the premises anyway. Visitors are welcome to drop in and visit, ask questions about quilting, or ask someone to show them around.

Horse Pull coming up on July 5 (rain date July 6)

Northville Farm Heritage Centre and its affiliate,

Western Nova Scotia Draft Horse Association,

present a

Horse pull on Saturday, July 5 (rain date July 6)

at Northville Farm Heritage Centre

1158 Steadman Road, Kings County, N.S.

9 a.m. weigh-off

There will be three weight classes:

Light Horse Class

2,400 – 2,799 lbs.

Middle Horse Class

2,800 – 3,199 lbs.

Heavy Horse Class

Cookhouse on site

Admission by freewill donation


Perfect weather for Tractor Pull & Show!

Farmers have been wishing for rain, but for the Apple Blossom Festival the weather was perfect: mostly sunny, not too hot, and some light breezes. The 6th Annual Apple Blossom Tractor Pull & Show at Northville Farm Heritage Centre certainly benefited from it, with excellent attendance. People were on hand to begin weighing in even before 9 a.m., including some young competitors. Those who missed the Apple Blossom Parade were able to see the NFHC float, parked on the grounds. The crowd was ahead of last year’s, which was already good, and the Cookhouse crew kept busy. It was another successful event. The photos posted here will provide a glimpse of the activities.


Planting Day/Mechanical Fair: You had to be there!

Mostly sunny skies, amazing inventions, and even a four-horse hitch pulling a set of heavy harrows: if you weren’t there, you missed another excellent event at Northville Farm Heritage Centre. Where else could you find a gas-powered washing machine, several antique cars, and even a late 1870s bicycle with one giant wheel and one small one and a 71-year-old man riding it? Check out the photos below (to enlarge any photo, just click on it).Gordon Troop on 1875-'80 bike40horse hitch:1Studebakeroxen & plow2 teams & 4-horse-hitchMonty:Farmall

Coming up next, our 6th Annual Apple Blossom Antique Tractor Pull & Show, on June 1, Apple Blossom Sunday. See the poster below:


Planning ahead

Directors of NFHC met this morning (April 16) to discuss long-term plans for our Farm Heritage Centre.
Two issues came up in this context. First, how will we fund any further expansion? And second, who’s going to do the work?
We decided that current finances and stocks of lumber will permit the building of a cooper shop this year, as well as an extension to the Cookhouse. We have enough cash on hand to pay for shingles, paint, and other expenses. We’d like to add a larger storage building, possibly 30’ X 60’, but will hold off until next year, and until funding is in place for both construction and long-term maintenance.
The second issue is labour. The current crop of volunteers is now ten years older than when they began work at the site. Many would like to help but can no longer climb up on rafters or roofs. We’re making an effort to attract younger members. Anyone reading this is invited to come and visit NFHC on Wednesday, April 23, after 9 a.m. to see what happens on our work days. There’s no obligation, and you might just enjoy seeing the sociable atmosphere enough to become part of it. Coffee and a treat will be in place!

“Nothing to report but ice and snow”


“Nothing to report but ice and snow!”                                                              That’s what one director said at the April directors’ meeting of the NFHC. However, the building committee reported that a crew of seven to nine men had spent two days cutting down red pine trees. More than 12,000 board feet of lumber should result, which will yield more than enough for the next building to be constructed at the Heritage Centre. And all of that was done by volunteers!

Planning is already well underway for Planting Day on May 17, which will include, for the first time, a mechanical fair: displays of early gas engines operating different farm machinery and household labour saving devices. The other big focus coming up will be the Antique Tractor Pull on Apple Blossom Sunday, an official event of the Apple Blossom Festival.

Please scroll down for previous info on this year’s events and dates. We’ll be posting updates as plans progress.