Busy summer at NFHC

NFHC has seen considerable activity this summer, with a summer employee on duty until August 7. Marcia has done considerable work on labeling the many artifacts as well as improving the written records, hosting occasional tours, mowing the premises, and painting the exterior of our buildings. A number of NFHC members have served as supervisors throughout this period, checking to see that all was well or helping with the work being done.

Meanwhile, the Collections Committee has also been identifying some duplicate holdings, as instructed by the directors some time ago, and is working to eliminate some these. As a result  there are some items for sale at present, including small tools, a spinning wheel, cream separator, shoemakers’ tools, and bucksaws. Contact info@northvillefarm.ca if you would like to have a look.

NFHC has already been the site of a wedding, as well as serving as background for family or business photoshoots. If you’d like to have a background that illustrates your farming roots, or if you just want something unique and different, contact us. The fee is modest.

Our next event will be Harvest Festival on Sunday, September 3. Included are the harvesting of oats using period equipment and horses, a big ox pull, and a hand mowing competition. More details will be posted in the next week or two. Stay tuned!

Below are some items you might acquire to bring some “olden days” to your decor:


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