Sunny and cold for Tractor Pull on October 1

Jackets were a useful garment on the first cold day of autumn, October 1, when the fall tractor pull was held. Photos shown above include the dedication of this year’s event to Marvin Brown, a founding member of NFHC, who died earlier this year. Also, a shot of the horse shoes tournament underway throughout the day.

Here are the results from the tractor pull:

There were 92 hooks and 33 entrees.

In the 3000 lbs. class: 1st Monty Hall. 2nd Bruce Wood. 3rd Mitchell Aten.

3500 lbs. 1st Mike Parker. 2nd Monty Hall. 3rd Mike Parker.

4000 lbs. 1st Monty Hall. 2nd Jacob Pearson. 3rd John Aten.

5000 lbs. 1st Charles Keddy. 2nd Jos VanOostrum. 3rd Bill Milligan.

6000 lbs 1st Robert Foley. 2nd John Aten. 3rd Lynn Withrow.

7000 lbs. 1st Evan Ward. 2nd Tim Griffiths. 3rd Paige Milligan.

8000 lbs. 1st Gary McLean. 2nd Robert Foley. 3rd Evan Ward.

9000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Robert Foley. 3rd Aven Ward.

10000 lbs. 1st Richard Morse. 2nd Frank Woolaver. 3rd Tom Levy.

11000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse. 3rd Lyman Withrow.

12000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse.

14000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse


Next event: Provincial Plowing Match on October 21!

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