School program

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NFHC has an excellent school program. Teachers may contact Christine at Phone 689-2446, c. 452-9426, or email
for more information. Minimum 20 students, maximum 45.

This means we can host two classes at once. They enjoy a five part program, which could include the following: rope making, getting a horse-drawn wagon ride, a tour of the artifacts and tools,  and the dairy stop where they could milk a cow, pat a calf, and make butter. The above photos tell the tale. In fall, the program usually changes to the apple industry rather than dairy.

It is also possible for teachers to request an NFHC visit to the school. NFHC members would offer an educational history program that could help meet required outcomes for students.

Below is John McCully with his team of Percherons. John has mostly retired from offering wagon rides for NFHC’s events, but has been ably replaced by a new teamster and his sturdy Belgians.

john's percherons