Planting & Harvest

PLANTING DAY is held annually in the first part of May. The photos below show a three-point hitch of Belgian horses; a well trained team of Grey Durham oxen; an antique tractor pulling a seeder, with a team of Belgians rolling the land right afterwards. Inside Heritage Hall, Ron Corkum and his band often entertain those who come in to sit on a chair for awhile. In front of them, trophies sit ready for handing out to one event’s winners.

Ron's band at 2013 pull

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Early in September, NFHC stages its Harvest Festival. Oats are harvested and threshed using authentic antique equipment. This is an event for the whole family with games, baking and produce competitions, and displays of antique tractors, engines and tools. Kids will enjoy our petting zoo and the wagon rides. As always, our Cookhouse is open.

As the photos below make clear, oats are harvested with an antique McCormick reaper, loaded with a pitchfork, and threshed with an antique  belt-driven threshing machine. These threshing machines were expensive and often traveled from farm to farm in the olden days, so that the cost was shared among a number of farmers.

At many of our events, free wagon rides are offered.

HARVESTINGreaper 2 copythreshing machine