Planning ahead

Directors of NFHC met this morning (April 16) to discuss long-term plans for our Farm Heritage Centre.
Two issues came up in this context. First, how will we fund any further expansion? And second, who’s going to do the work?
We decided that current finances and stocks of lumber will permit the building of a cooper shop this year, as well as an extension to the Cookhouse. We have enough cash on hand to pay for shingles, paint, and other expenses. We’d like to add a larger storage building, possibly 30’ X 60’, but will hold off until next year, and until funding is in place for both construction and long-term maintenance.
The second issue is labour. The current crop of volunteers is now ten years older than when they began work at the site. Many would like to help but can no longer climb up on rafters or roofs. We’re making an effort to attract younger members. Anyone reading this is invited to come and visit NFHC on Wednesday, April 23, after 9 a.m. to see what happens on our work days. There’s no obligation, and you might just enjoy seeing the sociable atmosphere enough to become part of it. Coffee and a treat will be in place!

“Nothing to report but ice and snow”


“Nothing to report but ice and snow!”                                                              That’s what one director said at the April directors’ meeting of the NFHC. However, the building committee reported that a crew of seven to nine men had spent two days cutting down red pine trees. More than 12,000 board feet of lumber should result, which will yield more than enough for the next building to be constructed at the Heritage Centre. And all of that was done by volunteers!

Planning is already well underway for Planting Day on May 17, which will include, for the first time, a mechanical fair: displays of early gas engines operating different farm machinery and household labour saving devices. The other big focus coming up will be the Antique Tractor Pull on Apple Blossom Sunday, an official event of the Apple Blossom Festival.

Please scroll down for previous info on this year’s events and dates. We’ll be posting updates as plans progress.

Mechanical Fair to be added to Planting Day

2. green engine copyComing up on May 17, 2014 will be the annual Planting Day, but now jazzed up with a Mechanical Fair. Organizers are serving advance notice to potential exhibitors or viewers with this invitation:

Come experience the sights and sounds of early 20th century farm mechanization.    There will be displays of early gas engines operating  different farm machinery and household labour saving devices. Be amazed at how much effort our ancestors  put forth to work the land and run the farm.  

Interested exhibitors should phone Marvin Brown at 902-678-1982, John Eaton at 902-538-3784, or Joe Grant at 902-300-1017.

That green engine above has its own interesting story attached. Come see it on May 17 and find out why.

NFHC Events for 2014

better internationalAt their monthly meeting on March 6, NFHC directors established a Calendar of Events for the year 2014. Here it is:

Calendar of Events for 2014:

May 17, 2014 (rain date May 24): Planting Day at Northville Farm Heritage Centre, 1158 Steadman Road, Kings County, N.S.
New this year: Antique Engine and Equipment display.
For details, email 

June 1, 2014 (rain date June 7): 6th Annual Antique Tractor Pull and Show at Northville Farm Heritage Centre, 1158 Steadman Road, Kings County, N.S.,          an official Apple Blossom Festival event.  For details, email

July 5, 2014 (rain date July 6): Horse Pull at Northville Farm Heritage Centre, 1158 Steadman Road, Kings County, N.S.
For details, email

August 31, 2014 (rain date Sept. 6): Harvest Festival and Ox Pull at Northville Farm Heritage Centre, 1158 Steadman Road, Kings Co., N.S.
For details, email

Sept. 27, 2014 (rain date Sept. 28): Fall Tractor Pull at Northville Farm Heritage Centre, 1158 Steadman Road, Kings County, N.S.
For details, email 

What others say about us

From the blog: O’, we copied the following comments:
“With its fertile plain shielded from the Bay of Fundy by a low-lying but extensive mountain range, the Annapolis Valley has long been the farming center of Nova Scotia.  Because of this, there are several places devoted to preserving and sharing that heritage.  Although the Ross Farm Museum in New Ross, N.S., probably gets more attention (and about which I’ll post at another time), the Northville Farm Heritage Center in Cambridge, N.S., which we came across while on a meandering late Fall drive through the Valley, has a wonderful display of old farm tractors, machinery and other implements situated in an especially scenic area of the Valley.  It’s worth making the effort to find!”

Okay, so we’re at Northville, not Cambridge, but it’s nice to be mentioned this way by an American blogger. To see the photos taken at NFHC, and other blog entries, go to

hay rake, tiller, from o'

Annual General Meeting: the Executive is unchanged


Members of the Northville Farm Heritage Centre returned their entire executive at the February 6 annual meeting, with George Foote as president, Hank van Hattem as vice-president, Pat Reeves as secretary, and Aart Veldhoven as treasurer. Of twelve directors, only one is new (see Contact page). Committee chairs remained mostly the same, revealing a solid group of working members that nevertheless could use some new blood. More members are always welcome, especially those who are willing to pitch in for NFHC events.

Councillor Pauline Raven represented the Municipality of Kings, and spoke briefly on possible funding for future building projects. At present the most urgent need is an expansion to the Cookhouse, with construction of a cooper shop also in the planning stage.

Coming up rapidly on the NFHC agenda is the Second Annual Winter Frolic, on February 22.

2013 an active year for NFHC

Northville Farm Heritage Centre had a successful year in 2013, with lots of activities and accomplishments.

• A new event was added in March with the First Annual Winter Frolic, well attended and much enjoyed by all who took advantage of the free horse-drawn sleigh rides provided by three different teamsters.

• The annual Apple Blossom Tractor Pull & Show became an official event of the Apple Blossom Festival, bringing more advertising and even better attendance than before.

• In May, a problematic water supply was solved by drilling a new well with new pump. Other maintenance-type issues included the purchase of a used lawn mower tractor and better lighting for the parking lot.

• Regular events included Planting Day, two horse pulls, Harvest Festival and Ox Pull, and the October tractor pull.

PLANS FOR 2014 will be made at the Annual General Meeting on February 6, 7:30 p.m. You are invited!

All’s quiet at NFHC – for now

mom barn pic 1mom tractor & log picEvents at Northville Farm Heritage Centre have concluded for this year. On December 5 we held our Christmas party with an estimated sixty people in attendance. It was fun to just socialize, munch goodies, and relax for an hour or two. With a fair amount of snow this month the Wednesday work days haven’t accomplished quite as much as usual, and the last card party was cancelled due to weather. Once the Christmas celebrations are over and everyone’s back to normal, the usual work will get underway again.

Above are a couple of photos supplied by one member, showing the Blacksmith shop while it was still being finished, and a load of logs at the sawmill ready to be sawn.