George Foote, longtime NFHC President dies


On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, George B. Foote died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 83. Born in Berwick, he was the son of the late Henry and Hazel Foote. George was well known around the Atlantic Provinces as a farmer, beekeeper, community advocate, and volunteer. He is survived by his wife, Trina (Rector), five children and thirteen grandchildren.

George served as president of the NFHC for most of its existence, stepping down only a couple of years ago, He led the organization from its humble beginnings through an ambitious building period, so that NFHC currently has eight buildings, all built with primarily volunteer labour over the years. Moreover, these buildings are filled to bursting with hundreds of agricultural artifacts, commemorating the history of farming in the Annapolis Valley. A well-equipped Cookhouse is capable of serving food to all the visitors who come for the NFHC’s special events throughout the year.

George will be remembered for his lively enthusiasm and guidance during this organization’s formative years.

2018 events get off to a bad start

For the second year in a row, we have not been able to stage a Winter Frolic due to lack of snow. Both February 18 and 25 saw bare ground throughout most of Nova Scotia.

However, other events this year should be less dependent on the weather. Dates for Planting Day, Antique Tractor Pull and Show, Plowing Match, Harvest Festival, etc. should take place as planned, with most events having a rain date included in the planning. A complete list should be ready after the March 1 monthly directors’ meeting.

Winter Frolic planned for February 18, 2018

Our Winter Frolic is being planned for Saturday, February 18, 2018 (inclement weather date: Feb. 25)
(we need snow to make this happen)
Beginning at 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Outdoor bonfire
with wiener and marshmallow roast

Snow hill for the younger kids

Snow painting

Bring snowshoes, sleds, cross-country skis!

Admission: Freewill donation for

Northville Farm Heritage Centre

or phone 678-7088 and leave your number

Provincial Plowing match another successful event

The Provincial Plowing Match on October 21 finished up NFHC’s season of events for the year, with a good number of participants. Antique cars and trucks were a hit as usual, and seeing those models from the ’50s and early ’60s makes us think they no longer make beautiful cars.

Here’s results from the plowing match:

BEST: Bob Daniels

RESERVE:  Tom Daniels

NOVICE: Greg Eikle

SULKY: McKenzie Daniels, Paul Spinney , Scott Henshaw
PLOWING WITH OXEN: Tyler and Jake Daniels,  Max Hiltz and Cameron Broome, Bob and Wayne Wile
PLOWING WITH TRACTOR  Jos VanOostrum, Monty Hall

Some photos are shown below. The ones of ox teams were taken by Ulli Hoeger – thank you! Anne Rogers took the others; also thank you! There’s one shot of the meal that was served after the match finished: a traditional Saturday night supper of scalloped potatoes, baked beans, brown bread, lots of pickles, and apple crumble for dessert.



Provincial Plowing Match to be hosted by NFHC, October 21

Provincial Horse Plowing Match

will be held October 21, 2017 (rain date Oct.28), 10 a.m.

There will also be antique tractor power, as well as oxen, and a display of antique and classic cars. The match is open to all entries.

The Cookhouse will be open till 3 p.m., with the usual hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks.
Supper will be served in Heritage Hall after the match, at $10.

Sunny and cold for Tractor Pull on October 1

Jackets were a useful garment on the first cold day of autumn, October 1, when the fall tractor pull was held. Photos shown above include the dedication of this year’s event to Marvin Brown, a founding member of NFHC, who died earlier this year. Also, a shot of the horse shoes tournament underway throughout the day.

Here are the results from the tractor pull:

There were 92 hooks and 33 entrees.

In the 3000 lbs. class: 1st Monty Hall. 2nd Bruce Wood. 3rd Mitchell Aten.

3500 lbs. 1st Mike Parker. 2nd Monty Hall. 3rd Mike Parker.

4000 lbs. 1st Monty Hall. 2nd Jacob Pearson. 3rd John Aten.

5000 lbs. 1st Charles Keddy. 2nd Jos VanOostrum. 3rd Bill Milligan.

6000 lbs 1st Robert Foley. 2nd John Aten. 3rd Lynn Withrow.

7000 lbs. 1st Evan Ward. 2nd Tim Griffiths. 3rd Paige Milligan.

8000 lbs. 1st Gary McLean. 2nd Robert Foley. 3rd Evan Ward.

9000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Robert Foley. 3rd Aven Ward.

10000 lbs. 1st Richard Morse. 2nd Frank Woolaver. 3rd Tom Levy.

11000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse. 3rd Lyman Withrow.

12000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse.

14000 lbs. 1st Mike Sanford. 2nd Richard Morse


Next event: Provincial Plowing Match on October 21!

Plenty of oxen at Harvest Festival!

Labour Day weekend provided good weather, with Sunday Sept. 3 being mostly cloudy but dry. It was excellent weather for the teamsters and their oxen to be pulling, with a record 36 teams on hand.

Similarly, the Maritime Hand Mowing Championships went off well, with scythes coming from as far away as Chezzetcook. Two competitors who got their share of attention were only eight and eleven years old respectively, and they knew what they were doing.

Some of the oats crop had been harvested ahead of time, but the McCormick reaper and the ancient threshing machine had lots left to work with.

Inside Heritage Hall, the Domestic Arts competitions mostly saw a good number of entries. Out on the deck, balloon animals and painted faces were being produced, with the Fish Pond providing treat baggies for the youngest kids. New additions to the swing set were well used.

The photos below, by Cora Anne Rogers, give some idea of what went on. Below the photos you will find some results from the competitive classes.

Hand Mowing Winners:

In the Hand Mowing, George Fralic won. George, also, won the Age 70 and over category. In the Mowing around a Chair, Peter Redden won. In the Hay Lift, Age 12 and under, Blaise Robertson; 171 lbs. and over, Carmen Legge; 170 lbs. and under, Chantz Doherty.

Ox Pull: (coming up)


Domestic Arts competition winners 

Mixed Bouquet:
1. Anne van Arragon
2. Adeline Blatt
3. Linda Hart

Garden Display:

1. Margaret Hall

Date Loaf:
1. Margaret Hall
2. Doreen Swindell
3. Shirley Ward

Blueberry Pie:
1. Diana DeAdder
2. Doreen Swindell
3. Shirley Ward

Ginger Molasses cookies:
1. Diana DeAdder
2. Margaret Hall
3. Doreen Swindell

Fruit Jelly:
1. Margaret Hall
2. Margaret Bentley
3. Diana DeAdder

Crocheted Afghan:

1. Vernon Marshall

Any Embroidered Item:

1. Anne van Arragon
2. Diana DeAdder
3. Janet Hall

Popular Vote (Canada 150):
1. Doreen Swindell with her hand-stitched Canada quilt

(Prizes consisted of grocery gift cards)

Harvest Festival coming up on September 3.

Maritime Hand Mowing Championships

Register by noon; competition starts at 1 p.m. Keep guard on blade when not in use.

Domestic Arts competitions

Baking competition
1. Date loaf
2. Blueberry pie
3. Molasses/ginger cookies

1. Mixed bouquet using garden flowers and wildflowers

“Canada 150” garden display
1. Use any combination of fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

1. crocheted afghan
2. any hand embroidered item

Popular Vote category: “Canada 150”
Bring something that makes you feel proud of Canada. Write a sentence or two explaining why.


One entry per class per person.
The baked goods should use old-fashioned ingredients.
The garden display must fit into a 16” X 16” space, and use local items only.
4. All entries to be brought to Heritage Hall between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
5. Entry forms will be supplied on arrival
6. All entries must be left for display until after 3 p.m.
7. Prizes will be awarded at 3 p.m. Please come to Heritage Hall to collect yours.